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How To Enroll In South Africa With Young Living Essential Oils And Wellness Products

UPDATED October 27, 2019: We are very happy to let you know that Young Living South Africa is OFFICIALLY open!

Become a Young Living South Africa member here.

See the update with Novembers promo and with the 50PV enrolment. (These 2 links provide the most current information).

You will see Enroller/Sponsor ID 1795137 and that's us! Watch for our welcome email and invites to our exclusive online communities to learn more about Young Living oils and wellness products.


We are excited to announce that you can now enroll with Young Living in South Africa! Young Living has made South Africa an ENFR market (Enhanced Not For Retail). Your country will be officially open later this year and right now you will be able to enroll and participate in Young Living's US promos.

Young Living South Africa Enroller Sponsor ID  1795137

Here is your step by step information on how to get started. You will see Enroller/Sponsor ID 1795137 and that is us. We'll be assisting you on your Young Living journey. After you enroll, please watch for our welcome email with detailed information and invites to our exclusive online communities. You are not alone in this journey. We're here for you!

1. Click here to go to our website. 

2. Select United States (English) as your country 

3. Select “Become a Member” in the top right

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 3

4. Make sure that South Africa is selected as your country and Enroller/Sponsor has ID 1795137

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 4

5. Fill in all of your information- making sure to follow the directions for the Password and checking that you agree to the terms and conditions.    

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 5

6. Select the tab called "Specialty Kits"

7. Choose "International 220v" Starter Kit

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 6

8. If you would like to join Young Living's AMAZING loyalty program, called Essential Rewards. Click here for more information on this rewards program that is FREE to join! Your starter kit CAN count as your initial Essential Rewards order. If you are not selecting Essential Rewards...Move to Step 9.

You will see the current monthly promos here. Each month they change. Your Premium Starter Kit is 100PV. Products show their PV next to the dollar amount. Most products (except Premium Starter Kits, rose essential oil and food) have PV and dollar amount equal.

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 7

9. Type in your Shipping Address if it is not the same as your billing address

10. Select DHL Express as your shipping method- this will cover your VAT, duties and customs

11. Enter in your payment information

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 8

12. Make sure to click "Activate and Check Out"

Become a Young Living Member in South Africa Step 9

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Young Living member with our team! Please watch for our welcome email. 


South Africa is an ENFR market. That means we can share more life-changing Young Living products in South Africa, and that’s only the beginning! Young Living members in this enhanced market can now order their favorites from the U.S. Product Guide* and participate in U.S promotions with U.S. pricing! With competitive shipping through DHL and Young Living absorbing fees associated with customs and duties, members can get their products more quickly and efficiently. Also, when you become and member and choose to start building a Young Living business, you'll get access to Hyperwallet commissions payment, so you can get their funds when they need them. Building a Young Living business is NOT a requirement in South Africa. It is entirely up to you if you'd like to start sharing your essential oils and wellness products. Most people find out that after a few months of using the products, they want to shout it to the world! Guess what? Young Living most likely ships there!

• Import Duty, VAT, and other customs fees will be paid by Young Living when DHL Express is selected upon checkout.

• Products will still be shipped from the US. (Spanish Fork Warehouse)

• Processing time will be 1-2 business days followed by shipping of 3-5 working days when shipped by DHL Express.

• DHL Express will update the recipient via text message throughout the process and the recipient has control to either opt in or opt out as desired.

• Members no longer have the challenge of customs rejecting a shipment or charging unexpected fees.

• Prices will be charged in US Dollar.

• Promotions will be US market-based.

• Product availability is based on the US catalogue, excluding DG items.

• "150PV Discounted Shipping Program" no longer applies for the SA market.

• When using a business address in SA it will be required to provide the import code for that business.

• When using a residence address the receiver may be asked for ID by DHL at time of delivery.

• All packages will require a signature release, that recipients can turn off in their DHL tracking template.

• ***The FedEx shipping option is still available, however, it is not recommended as the prices are much higher and FedEx does NOT offer a duty paid solution***

• Hyper Wallet will remain the commission payment solution at this time.

Discounted shipping prices with DHL Express after YL subsidizes costs will be as follows:

• 0 – 7 lbs: $25 (most orders will fit in this category)

• 7 – 20 lbs: $40

• 20 – 30 lbs: $60

• 30 – 40 lbs: $80

• 40 +lbs: $100

*Members in South Africa can purchase products from the U.S. Product Guide, with the exception of items designated as Dangerous Goods (DGs).

Become a Young Living member at

​​Here's some of the benefits your Young Living Wholesale membership gives you:

  • Save 24% on every Young Living purchase.
  • Save even more with Essential Rewards, up to 25% more.
  • Earn free products with monthly promotions.
  • No monthly obligations or membership fees.
  • You'll see Enroller/Sponsor ID 1795137 and that's us!
  • Watch for our welcome and invites to our exclusive online communities.
  • Join us now!

Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137