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Young Living's Animal Scents Essential Oil And Pet Care Line Has Arrived In Canada!

Plant-based, pet-safe wellness essentials, designed with your furbaby in mind. Now you can support your pet’s wellness the same way you care for your other family members – with pure essential oil infused products that balance, soothe and strengthen.

Young Living Animal Scents Essential Oils in Canada

Animal Scents Shampoo™ 

When mud puddles, toilet bowls and garbage cans get the best of your furry family member, clean up with Animal Scents Shampoo! This safe, plant-based formula is tough on dirt but gentle on your pet’s skin and coat. 


Your pet lives to play! But when playtime gets a little rowdy, reach for PuriClean to cleanse minor scrapes, scratches and irritations. Including skin-soothing essentials like Patchouli and Lavender to soothe and comfort your pets’ irritations so they can get back to their playful selves!

Pet Fresh™ 

Scrapes and scratches happen. When they do, treat them with Pet Fresh! A powerful blend formulated to support healthy recovery of irritated coat and skin, while guarding against harmful contaminants.

Pet Renew™ 

Outdoor adventures are your pet’s dream! On your next adventure, keep Pet Renew on hand to protect your pets’ skin from the elements. Pet Renew soothes and moisturizes sensitive, distressed skin and helps to improve the appearance of healthy-looking coat and skin.

Soothe your pets skin

Pet Care™

Changes to your day-to-day routine or even the weather can create emotional distress for your pet. Alleviate nervousness and promote a balanced environment for your pet during times of tension with Pet Care.

Inner Balance™

When your pet is uncomfortable, they tell you without words. Inner Balance is a relaxing, quieting blend that can be applied to your pets’ abdomen to support your pets natural inner balance.

Plus, by choosing Animal Scents you’re supporting and protecting animals in need. A portion of all proceeds go to Vital Ground, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and wide-roaming wildlife. 

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