Young Living Canada January 2020 Monthly Promos!
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Young Living South Africa January 2020 Monthly Promos!

Here are your January promos. For those of you on Essential Rewards (ER), your promos start at 100PV. For those of you placing a Quick Order (also know as a 1 time order), your promos start at 190PV.
South Africa January Young Living promo
The PV is listed next to the dollar amount while shopping. Reach any of the PV award levels and you'll receive those items free in your order. 
We've been diffusing Raven, Thieves, Lavender and Frankincense at night. If you haven't tried it, you'll love it. It helps us to keep the airways open. We make a well chest rub too with Eucalyptus Radiata, Raven, R.C. and Peppermint. Then we add a teaspoon of V6 Vegetable Oil as a carrier oil from Young Living. 
Cypress is good for meditating on a deeper level. Relax after a long day by diffusing Cypress. It has a grounding aroma.
We use Thieves all the time. We make our foaming hand soap with it and add it to our NingXia Red drink. Thieves is a blend exclusive available from Young Living and is one of our best sellers. It smells amazing and is great for digesting and repelling all the nasty things. This is oil is often used during the winter season ... ok, any season, to purify the air and keep us feeling fantastic! Thieves is found in many of our products.
The grapefruit lip balm is very soothing and feels great on my lips. We always have several lip balms open in our house and keep one in my purse.
Young Living South Africa January Promo
If you have questions on the promos or placing an order to reach the desired level, please let us know. We're happy to help. 
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Become a Young Living member in South Africa here! When you become a member, you'll receive 24% off retail prices for life. You can participate in our Essential Rewards (ER) program too. Learn the benefits of Essential Rewards here. When you become a member, you have the option to start your Essential Rewards order immediately. When you hit any of the PV levels for the promos, you'll also receive those oils or products in your order with no charge.
When you become a member, you'll see Enroller/Sponsor ID 1795137 and that's us. Watch for our welcome email and invites to our exclusive online communities. We also have have groups that are specific to South Africa both on the oils side and if you're interested in building a business, we have a group for you.

Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137